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An Artist statement
A Transition of the Relationship between
Living Feeling and Body as an Ending of life
1998 - 2003

Many years ago I started making sculpture after many years of printmaking. My move from Bangkok to Chonburi and the countryside of Thailand was decisive in this sculpture is, for me, a more direct way of making art, a connection with living materials such as wood and tomatoes: it is working with energies. The tomato is a common and global object and, being natural, it rots-then we throw it away without care or consideration. I see the process of the aging tomato as an analogy of change in human life.

Through my work I would like people to pay attention to the tomato as symbol of their own lives. To me touching/physical contact is important to realizing ways: which energy flows and I have experimented with this: discovering that through touch prolongs the life of a tomato.

This knowledge supports my invitation for interaction between the public and my work.

I believe that all our senses, not simply that of sight, should be involved in sculpture and have often extended my art to include the written word.

I hope my work will make a change: open minds, encourage people to reach more deeply into the unconscious world.

ชื่อผลงาน : การถ่ายเทความสัมพันธ์ของการมีชีวิต ความรู้สึก และรูปกายในขณะที่ชีวิตค่อยๆสิ้นสุดลง : สมดุลย์ – ไม่สมดุลย์
เทคนิค : มะเขือเทศ ดิน ไม้
ขนาด : 72 x 46 x 121.5 ซม.
ปี : 2545

Title : A Transition of the Relationship between Living Feeling and Body as an Ending of Life : balance – unbalance
Technique : tomato, soil, wood
Size : 72 x 46 x 121.5 cm.
year : 2002